Do you do request art?

Not usually, but only because I need to focus my time on school and other projects.

Will you work on my manga/rpg/artbook? Do you take commissions?

Well, I really don't have the time to. At the moment I would rather not take any new commissions (unless you give me an offer I just could not refuse) 'cause I'm real busy with my own work. So no, sorry, I'm not doing any.

What materials do you use?

I use a regular cheap mechanical pencil and drafting eraser. I prefer Prisma color pencils and markers to other brands. They color much nicer. I like to use oil and acrylic paints for school projects. And when I'm working on the computer, I usually stick to Photoshop and Painter. Also, I use my tablet to color in Photoshop and Painter. Using the mouse can get really irritating.

Can I make a link to your site?

Do it. Even use the banners I made to make your link. Just don't directly link to them. You'll have to save it and put it on your site.

Can I put your art on my web page?

Ok. Let me put it this way:

  • Please do not use the images on this site without my permission, please do not redistribute the images and please don't put them on your website.
  • Please do not edit or alter my work (unless it's just for private, personal use) in any way, aside from resizing. Also, please do not use any of my art for your site's layout, buttons, backgrounds, or graphics. You can make your own site graphics.
  • Don't sell, publish, or reproduce the works in this site without my permission. This site is NOT a clip art gallery.
  • Don't steal! Respect artist's rights. If you have questions about art theft or copyright issues, visit this site for more info:
  • As long as it's for personal private use, you can do what you like with my pictures. You can make personal winamp skins, use them for your desktop wallpaper, print them out, use them in a school report, use them as reference pictures, copy/trace/study from them for practice, whatever you like, as long as you aren't making a profit off of them, redistribute/publishing them, posting them online without giving credit to me, or anything like that. Personal, private use ONLY. Use common sense.

If I didn't cover it, feel free to e-mail me (see the link on the navigation bar), and don't hesitate to e-mail me about any technical problems you may have encountered while visiting my web site. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

All content is Brandon Nagy 1999-2006, except where noted. No use with out permission.